The future

The concrete and construction market is changing rapidly: to remain competitive in the marketplace demands that the function of the industry changes from simple product supply to the integrated supply of products and services. To take a simple example: ready-mixed concrete suppliers have developed their transport fleets to include vehicles with on-board pumps or conveyors to help contractors with the placement of concrete.

In co-operation with other partners in the concrete industry, ERMCO seeks to assist the development and adoption of concrete solutions based on European Codes and Standards for the design and execution of concrete structures. ERMCO is particularly aware of the widespread demand for industry in general to adopt a responsible attitude to questions relating to the environment and to sustainable construction. ERMCO has always supported a positive approach to the definition of suitable environmental controls within the general field of production of fresh concrete.

Looking ahead, ERMCO will continue its efforts to extend the recognition of its role and the status generally of the ready-mixed concrete industry. It will promote the dissemination of its policies on concrete at national, European and international levels. It will also extend the co operation and good relations already established with other European Associations, in order to achieve a common goal of improving the competitiveness of concrete as a building material.

The friendly family spirit of communication and positive contribution to the knowledge of concrete in Europe will continue and the organisation will remain open to members of the ready-mixed concrete industry all over the world.