PICTURES from the ERMCO 2018 Congress

The ERMCO 2018 congress has come to the end: good presentations, good speakers, active participants – this perfect mix to turn the Congress into a success. During two days many topics have been addressed – the strategic role of concrete and its components in the sustainability debate, the advances in concrete control in the way  from plant to site,  the importance of transferring knowledge to our  industry by learning programs as WiTraBau or the Betonakademie and Blue Helmet schemes.  And we had also a view on how concrete production could be in 2050!

The “digital” path to a 4.0 industry requires new tools and platforms in many fields of our activity, from concrete early specification to production control and delivery. While a number of people are addressing these items – and more can be expected in the near future –  ERMCO will take them to the attention of the ERMCO committees.

Last but not least, Oslo has shown its best face – sun and happiness all around: for all this, and for the excellent organization, we thank our friends of FABEKO.

RMC is a great construction material – and the people working in and for the industry are great chaps: so we look forward to meeting all of them in ERMCO 2021!

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