Yavuz Isik has attended the Concrete Days (Transportbeton Tage- 2017) in Augsburg upon the invitation of BTB.  Isik has drawn attention the positive impacts of the concrete production on European economy: “Concrete industry, along side with construction industry, has one of the greatest input in European economy. It creates more than half a million employment in Europe, and plays an important role in improvement of economic conditions thanks to its connection with other manufacturing sectors. Concrete is the essential material for infrastructures, railways, and for high- rise buildings.” Isik also mentioned that the concrete is produced by utilizing the local resources, and concrete sector provides continuity in local job markets and sustain economic activity in local level.

After expressing his gratitude for being invited for such a nice occasion and congratulated German producers for their contributions to European concrete market, Mr. Isik continued: “As a representative of ERMCO here, I can gladly say that, we are well aware of the great potential of concrete. Our organization works at its best to be the voice of the concrete producers in Europe. We become an important part of the discussions regarding concrete manufacturers, and we try to bring up obstacles they face during production, transportation and recycling processes. In each and every platform, we look for the possibilities to promote the use of concrete and to have an effect on the legislation regarding the concrete production and marketing. With all the positive characteristics of concrete, we believe concrete is the construction material of all times. Due to its flexible structure and ease to shape; it has started to be broadly used in aesthetic structures. It has great potential for innovation and enhancement. It stands against harsh natural conditions. We have already started to see extraordinary concrete designs; I believe more spectacular creations are awaiting us in the near future.”


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